He comes to your forum or weblog comments, posting things like "Get Real, Philippines!" and "Filipinos are culturally dysfunctional!" and "It's time for a good, hard look at our problems as a poor, backwards, inferior Southeast Asian nation!" -- all the while liberally linking back to his own Geocities site.

There's some good writing there, lots of interesting ideas about how to solve problems. You decide to let his posts stay.

Many will praise him, deciding to let rules on spam and self-linking slide in favor of compelling content. Some will take up the banner of "Get Real," quoting him and even linking back to his site for him.

Hey, wait, some of your other community regulars will say. "He's against democracy. Some of his stuff is borderline racist. Much of it is just unqualified invective written to get people angry. There's a strong objectivist slant to all this."

Suddenly he's all over your board, quoting every member who dares voice an objection, line by line, making personal and racial slurs and treating any opponents like babies with backhanded insults, all the while vaunting himself as some kind of Great New Philippine Hope, intellectually superior and perfectly within rights to spam your forum with self-links by mere virtue of his own incredible amazing excellence. Every other post, he says, "read this article!" and liberally links back to pages on Try to exercise moderation against the special privilege he believes he has, and suddenly you, the weblog owner or forum admin, have a personal vendetta against him and the progress of The Great New Philippine Hope.

Meet Benign0, a Filipino forum troll and spammer. Try a few Google searches: benign0, Filipinos culturally dysfunctional, Get Real Philippines. He's posted self links all over the web, to Filipino-themed forums and weblog comments, even where the topic has nothing to do with his polemic crusade.

Have you been hit by the Benign0 Bug? Cure it with the standard cure for all trolls and spam: delete posts, ban the spammer, and don't feed the trolls with replies.

Benign0 Fails the Marshmallow Test

"How can someone so brilliant be so incredibly dull and abrasive at the same time?" we've been asked. Well, it should be obvious: benign0, as is evident from his love for autofellatory self-praise, is a narcissist. He is obsessed with himself. He writes long, tactless, inarticulate passages on various Filipino forums for the sole purpose of refreshing pages to read what he has written over and over again, to see responses and tell himself, "I did that, which makes me so great!"

On one forum where the moderators repeatedly ban him for his constant stupidity, he keeps registering the same name, just with higher numbers each time. He can't let go of the name, afraid as he is of losing his vainglorious identity.

Intelligence has never been a cure for inept social grace. Benign0 has neither. If you put Baby Benign0 in a room with a marshmallow, he would eat it. Mababa ang E.Q.

Benign0, the Randroid

The worst flaw which plagues benign0's unpleasant character is that he is an objectivist, or a "randroid," as they are called by those in the know. As defined by those at the most reliable Urban Dictionary, objectivism is 'Selfishness excusing itself as virtue. First propounded by cultic pop-philosopher Ayn Rand, objectivism prizes narcissistic (or "rugged") individualism, self-centered achievement, commerce, industry, and tall buildings as being of prime value over love, faithfulness, generosity, and humility. Adherents of the Ayn Rand cult, called objectivists, or randroids at the extreme, tend towards patronizing rudeness, and a near-dogmatic infatuation with their pet theories on race and the superiority of western civilization and culture.'

This describes benign0 very accurately: his lack of even the smallest level of modesty or self-abasement, his love for chest-thumping self-praise, his use of grating point-by-point condescension to belittle opponents, his pushing private enterprise as the ultimate solution to the Filipino condition, his belief that Filipinos are little brown barbarians with race-based deficiencies which make them innately inferior to the glorious white man - all point to a an overgrown little boy suffering from terminal objectivism, almost irreversibly taken over in the brain by too many readings of Ayn Rand's poorly written fiction.

Objectivism, like cellphones, alcohol, and gasoline fumes, kills brain cells. Benign0 is a prime example.

Get Real, Philippines, dot com

The trollspammer has gotten himself a domain name:, and he's using Google Adsense. Remember, kids, Google Adsense Program Policies prohibit racial intolerance and web spamming. If your forum or website has been hit by Benign0's rampant online self-promotion, you can report him to Google here, and to GoDaddy here.